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How ESG Plans to Leverage its Acquisition of 3rd Eye Cam

The 3rd Eye Cam system has the capability to record drivers, monitor their driving behavior and provide live vehicle tracking during daily routes.

With its acquisition of Houston-based Alliance Wireless Technologies Inc. (AWTI) last month, Chattanooga, Tenn.-based Environmental Solutions Group (ESG) plans to leverage AWTI’s 3rd Eye Cam technology with its chassis and body data and analytics offering.

“This creates one digital solution and one customer experience for all chassis makes and models across the waste and recycling industry,” says Sean Neimarlija, senior director of digital solutions for ESG. “Our goal is to help our customers make better decisions and attain the lowest total cost of ownership. We'll do this by providing the right information, to the right person, at the right time, helping them to improve safety by reducing accidents, improve productivity with higher output per asset and boost reliability.”

The 3rd Eye Cam system has the capability to record drivers, monitor their driving behavior and provide live vehicle tracking during daily routes. The camera and computer has “Advanced Video Analytics” software built into the unit, providing the ability to trigger 30-second video clips based on poor driving behavior.

The system will automatically trigger an event when a driver is speeding, runs a red light or stop sign, tailgates, is distracted by a cell phone or texting, and/or intrudes into other lanes of traffic. An event also can be recorded based on G-force shock and vibration parameters, manual activation and predetermined boundaries set by a supervisor.

“The ability to document activity related to an accident or claim is an important feature that will benefit Safety Directors across a wide variety of industries,” says Kyle Kummer, vice president of business development for 3rd Eye Cam. “Having the ability to see the front, back and both sides of the truck is vital when trying to provide accident reconstruction. The HD quality video permits the customer to see the details of the accident, thus helping to determine its root cause with the intent to settle the claim very quickly.”

The 3rd Eye Cam system also features a back office management program that includes geo-fencing, vehicle tracking and customized reporting. 

 “Safety is improved through on-board event alerts, object detection and catastrophic event avoidance,” says Kummer. “Productivity increases with 3rd Eye’s predictive and prescriptive route optimization and analytics. The 3rd Eye system is the automated way to provide service documentation in which to validate key events such as positive verification, exceptions, overloaded containers, damage and contamination.”

ESG encompasses the following brands that serve the waste and recycling industry: Heil Environmental, Marathon, Bayne and The Curotto-Can, in addition to the newly acquired AWTI. 3rd Eye will continue to operate as an independent company within ESG under the leadership of Reed.

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