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Magellan’s RouteComplete Provides Routing Technology Solutions

RouteComplete offers solutions for the snow, waste and street industries utilizing GPS navigation coupled with vertical-specific attributes.

Magellan, a provider of GPS navigation devices since 1986, announced the availability of RouteComplete, a suite of fleet routing technology solutions designed to make snow removal, waste collection and street cleaning safer and more efficient for municipal fleets.

Magellan said RouteComplete utilizes a smart technology approach to the route creation, management, execution and monitoring needs of municipal fleets. According to the company, fleet managers can be confident that experienced, new and even temporary drivers will complete their routes as planned, whether the routes are point-to-point or street-to-street.

Administrators can pre-schedule tasks and send updated routes to drivers over-the-air, drivers are able to switch routes as needed with all the routes loaded on their Magellan navigation device and more. In addition, Magellan’s navigation device coupled with RouteComplete is specifically designed to excel in complex, highly dense urban canyon environments.

“We wanted to bring Magellan’s core fleet routing solutions together into one comprehensive solution,” said Ted Lee, Magellan’s RouteComplete product manager, in a statement. “Whether a client’s immediate need is to plow snowy streets in winter, sweep those same streets in summer or collect waste all year round, they will be able to rely on Magellan’s innovative and proven GPS technology. It’s a solution for all seasons.”

“We coined this solution RouteComplete because we worked hand-in-hand with both large and small municipalities to ensure the development of a complete routing solution tailored to municipal governments and private companies,” added Lee.

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