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Pittsburgh to Spend $580K on Smart Waste Bins

The new smart waste bins will alert Public Works employees when they are full.

Pittsburgh is spending $580,000 on approximately 500 smart waste bins, which will alert Public Works employees when they are full. According to Public Works Director Mike Gable, the new bins should help the city scale back on the 100,000 hours employees spend each year checking to see which of the city’s 1,200 public waste bins are empty.

The new smart waste bins are expected to be installed by summer.

CBS Pittsburgh has more information:

Pittsburgh is spending $580,000 to buy up to 500 new litter cans that will be equipped with smart technology to tell Public Works employees when they’re full.

Public Works Director Mike Gable says the smart cans should help the city cut back on 100,000 hours workers spend each year checking 1,200 public trash cans to see if they’re empty.

Read the full story here.

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