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Once-A-Week Trash Collection Receives Two Thumbs Down from Maryland Residents

More than 74 percent of Prince George’s County, Md., residents don’t approve of the change to one-a-week trash collection.

Last year, Prince George’s County, Md., switched from twice-a-week trash collection to once-a-week trash collection to save money and promote recycling.

The county recently sent out a survey to residents to receive their feedback on the program. They survey results revealed that more than 74 percent of residents don’t approve of the change and are interested in switching back to the twice-a-week trash collection service.

WTOP has more information:

A new system of collecting garbage less frequently in Prince George’s County, Maryland, has not gone over very well with residents, according to a countywide study released on Thursday.

The survey results come a little over a year after the county council voted to have trash collected just once each week instead of twice as a means of saving money and promoting recycling.

According to the study, more than 74 percent of residents do not approve of the change and express interest in switching back to twice-a-week service. Less than 26 percent expressed support for the new system.

Read the full story here.

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