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Mass. City Adding RFID Technology to Waste Collection

The Wheaton City Council agreed to sign a contract with a new solid waste vendor that would use RFID technology to help track collections and fees.

The Daily Herald has the details:

Now, after months of research, city staff members are recommending the city sign a contract with Lakeshore Recycling Systems to implement a garbage collection program that would replace the current one-time-use stickers with permanent tags that use RFID technology.

The program proposed by Lakeshore would continue the city's current pay-as-you-throw model, but it would use RFID tags that allow the garbage and recycling carts to wirelessly charge "tipping fees" to each customer's account when they are lifted onto the truck via an mechanical arm. It also offers an optional food scrap collection, which was one addition residents said they wanted through a survey.

Read the full story here.

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