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Many Residents in Sandy Township, Penn., Not Paying Trash Bills

The residents are violating the town’s trash ordinance and are subject to citation.

More than 300 individuals residing in Sandy Township, Penn., are subject to citation for violating the town’s trash ordinance. These individuals are not paying Advanced Disposal of Brockway, the town’s trash hauler, for collection services.

Zoning Officer Jim Keck filed a citation before a district judge against a property owner who had allowed garbage to accumulate on her property since January 22, 2018. A summary hearing will be held at a later date to be determined.

The Courier Express has more information:

More than 300 residents are not maintaining the required trash services and not paying the current trash hauler, Advanced Disposal of Brockway, said township Zoning Officer Jim Keck.

All residential garbage and rubbish shall be collected at least once a week, according to the ordinance.

“Residents need to keep up with it,” Keck said.

In addition to it being mandatory, “it’s a health and and safety issue. The regular garbage can attract rodents,” he said. “Our goal is for people not to create that and keep the community safe. It’s been an ongoing issue.”

Read the full story here.

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