The City of Manchester, N.H., is currently running a pilot program with trucks equipped with mechanical arms to pick up trash. This pilot program will help the city and residents prep for their move over to automated trash pickup next spring.

The pilot program, which is serving residents in Wards 6, 7 and 12, requires residents to purchase specialized bins at a rate of $65 to $75 per barrel. The city currently splits the cost with these residents and if the pilot program is successful, the City of Manchester may soon integrate automated trash pickup throughout all of the city’s less congested areas.

New Hampshire Public Radio has more:

Beginning next spring, Manchester residents in the northwestern and eastern parts of the city will switch to automated trash pickup.  That’s after city officials decided this month to launch a pilot program with trucks that use a mechanical arm to pick up garbage.

But this idea is nothing new - in fact Nashua has been using it for 13 years.

Nashua’s solid waste supervisor, Jeff Lefleur, started out working on trucks as a trash collector. He said when the city rolled out its new automated trucks he was a big fan.

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