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Lynn, Mass., Teams with The Recycling Partnership to Improve Recycling Efforts

The duo is inspecting residential recycling bins to determine if residents are properly recycling.

In an effort to improve recycling, the city of Lynn, Mass., is teaming with The Recycling Partnership to sort through residents’ recycling bins to determine if they are properly recycling. If the bins are filled with nonrecyclable materials, the duo will tag the bin to inform the resident of the problem.

The city hopes that this effort will help to better educate residents on what can and cannot be placed in their recycling bin, reducing contamination and improving recycling.

CBS has more:

There were people rifling through the trash in Lynn Thursday, hoping to teach residents about recycling.

The city’s recycling coordinator teamed up with the non-profit Recycling Partnership to search through bins to see if people are separating their garbage correctly.

Some communities will fine homeowners if they’re caught putting trash in recycling bins. Lynn does not do that. Instead, they put a tag on the big green barrels that have the wrong items inside.

Read the full story here.

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