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Detroit Residents Upset Over Lack of Recycling Options

While homeowners have curbside recycling services, many apartments and lofts still do not.

Although the City of Detroit has increased its recycling efforts over the past few years to include curbside recycling for homeowners, many apartments and lofts still do not offer curbside recycling services for renters. With no proper recycling option, many renters are giving their recyclables to the homeless or bringing them to a friend’s home that has a curbside recycling service.

The Detroit News has more information:

Walk into Ryan Floring’s storage closet, and you’ll find cases of empty Oberon, Angry Orchard and Summer Shandy bottles. The beer bottles, among other cans and boxes, have cluttered the closet for over a year because his apartment doesn’t offer recycling.

“Because there’s no real easy way to do it, I just don’t do it,” says Floring, a resident of Detroit City Apartments on Washington Boulevard, “so they just build up.”

Once, he left four bags on the street, where a homeless person soon picked them up. Otherwise, the 28-year-old Quicken Loans mortgage banker can’t bring himself to throw away items of value.

Read the full story here.

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