Celebrating the Industry's Workforce on National Garbage Man Day

In honor of National Garbage Man Day on June 17, Waste360 recognizes some of the hardworking members of the waste and recycling industry.

The waste and recycling industry, which is one of the most dangerous industries in the U.S., is comprised of hardworking individuals who are committed to making the world a cleaner place. But often, the industry's workers don't receive the recognition they deserve because many people are unaware of the daily grind that goes on beyond curbside pickup. And these workers often go above and beyond—forging connections with communities and especially with children that look up to these men and women as heroes.

John D. Arwood, president of Arwood Waste in Jacksonville, Fla., noticed that there wasn't a national day for members of the industry and decided to do something about in. In 2011, he launched June 17 each year as National Garbage Man Day, which honors the women and men who work to keep our neighborhoods and streets clean and safe. Now in its sixth year, the day is increasingly being recognized across the country.

In celebration of National Garbage Man Day, Waste360 is recognizing some of the day-to-day contributions of the industry's workforce and some of their exceptional efforts thus far this year.

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