In Los Alamos, N.M., a garbage truck driver accidently loaded a bear into the back of his truck while collecting garbage from a dumpster. The driver was unaware that the bear was inside the dumpster and ended up driving around with the bear atop his truck for at least 5 miles.

To safely remove the bear from his truck, the driver drove the truck near some trees so that the bear could climb to safety.

USA TODAY has more information:

A bear rummaging through trash in a Los Alamos, N.M., dumpster, went for a wild ride last month when a garbage truck driver accidentally loaded it onboard.
"The driver didn't know the bear was in there, and he unknowingly dumped the bear into the truck along with the dumpster's contents," Julie Anne Overton with the Santa Fe National Forest told ABC. "He said he heard a squeal."

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