Marketing Research Team

The Marketing Research Team is dedicated to publishing actionable market information that is accurate, ethical and timely.

About Our Standards

Guidelines, policies and procedures (as outlined by research and media associations as well as academic textbooks) are stringently followed:

  1. Protect the proprietary and unique nature of individual study designs.
  2. Take due care in study design, data gathering, analysis and processing of research information.
  3. Use up-to-date lists, and fully-disclose any special selections or panel samples.
  4. Protect the confidentiality of respondents and respondent-identifiable information.
  5. Use research information only for research purposes; it is not permissible to use research information to compile lists for sales prospecting, canvassing or fundraising purposes.
  6. Make available (upon request) a full disclosure of all methodology, questionnaire(s) used and results.

The Marketing Research Department

The Marketing Research Department was added to the company in 1989 to gather and analyze unique industry information about the markets served by our publications and trade events. Approximately 250 studies are conducted each year for internal clients and advertisers.

The department holds memberships in the following organizations:

  • American Business Media - Research Committee
  • American Marketing Association
  • American Statistical Society
  • Marketing Research Association
  • National AgriMarketing Association

Research conducted by the Marketing Research Department meets or exceeds ethical and procedural standards and policies outlined by these organizations.

In an effort to best serve our clients, members of The Marketing Research Team are dedicated to each of our industry sectors. Because of this specialization, the team can offer insightful guidance to help internal and external clients satisfy their research needs.

The department, which holds more than 100 years of combined research experience, 4 Master's Degrees, and 1 PhD, consists of 6 members, located throughout the United States.