This Week in Waste: Top Stories August 8 - 12

When trash collection becomes a legal issue. Real-world solutions to sustainability-oriented problems. Common trends spanning the waste and recycling industry impact the lives of every single person on the planet. Here are this week's top stories.

1. Trash Collection Lands Recology in Legal Debate Over Acceptable Noise Levels

Barry Shanoff

Raymond Digiacomo, Jr. lives in a district of San Francisco with a booming restaurant and nightlife scene, however, this is nothing exciting for him. Digiacomo lives with a mental health disorder making noise extremely disruptive to him, in an apartment designed specifically for people with mental illness. The noise of nightlife isn't the only thing that creates issues, however. The trash collection done at night and early mornings in the alley directly below his room by Recology also does, leading him to file a lawsuit against the company.

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2. Episode 161: Exploring Sustainable Behavior & Impact

Liz Bothwell

On this episode of the NothingWasted! podcast, we get to talk to Louise Bruce, director of The Center for Sustainable Behavior & Impact at The Recycling Partnership. Bruce walks us through real-world solutions to a lot of waste-reducing and sustainability-oriented problems. The conversation and advice is backed by research and is extremely insightful for those looking to lean into this kind of lifestyle

Listen here.

3. Anaergia’s Benedek Discusses the Company’s Growth Story and Climate Change

Arlene Karidis

Looking to tackle the problem of excessive methane production, Anaergia is making an effort to use this as an asset. We talk with Anaergia Chairman and CEO, Andrew Benedek, to get insight on exactly how the company does this. Impassioned by a goal of eliminating this climate-change-inducing waste, Benedek tells us his personal journey from university professor to CEO and his company's role in gearing up for the end of climate change.

Read the story here.

4. Emerging Plastics Recycling Technologies: Where Are They Headed? Part 2

Arlene Karidis

With an increase in awareness of the detriment, plastic has the potential of being on planet Earth, it is time to step up. Every year newer and more advanced recycling methods and theories pop up across the world to hopefully speed up the recovery of our reliance on plastics. Plastic recycling advancements, though pertinent, encounter a lot of different obstacles.

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5. August 2022 Business Report: Second Quarter Themes—Beat and Raise

Leone Young

As the second quarter of the financial year wraps up, each member of the publicly-traded waste and recycling industry is reporting their wins and losses. Read this story in order to understand the common trends in the industry for this quarter. Young breaks down several factors that have impacted the industry and how this leads to certain trends in each's earnings report data.

Learn more here.

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