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Virginia Recycling Facility’s Sudden Closure Leaves Customers with Lack of Alternatives

Van der Linde Recycling and Container Rentals closed without warning.

Van der Linde Recycling and Container Rentals, a recycling facility located in Zion Crossroads, Va., suddenly closed in February, and its customers have struggled in the aftermath to find an alternative destination for their recyclables.

Some residents have travelled further to the McIntire Road Recycling Facility, but others have struggled to stomach the distance or lack transportation. City-contracted trash and recycling is unaffected by the change.

The Daily Progress has more information:

The region’s primary municipal recycling facility, van der Linde Recycling and Container Rentals, suddenly and permanently closed its household waste processing on Feb. 19, leaving thousands of customers no easy way to recycle mountains of waste, and forcing local leaders to make hard choices.

The Zion Crossroads facility, which has processed the commingled waste of nearly 30 private and municipal haulers in the region since 2009, announced the news on its website, with no early warning to customers.

“[…] The decision to close our household waste processing facility was not an easy one as much time, effort and expense have gone into it,” the announcement read. “However, with the severe drop in commodity prices over the past few years and the bleak forecast, we have made the economic decision to close our household processing facility. […] Sincerely, Peter van der Linde.”

Read the full story here.

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