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Two Communities End Curbside Recycling Programs

Highlights from The Recycling Partnership’s 2020 Curbside Report
Madison County, Ky., will terminate curbside recycling by August 1, and Sierra Viesta, Ariz., will end residential curbside recycling after months of market hardships.

A fiscal court in Madison County, Ky., has unanimously voted to terminate the county’s curbside recycling program by August 1. The decision came after the county obtained a $74,000 loss from a curbside recycling pilot program.

Sierra Viesta, Ariz., has also decided to end its residential curbside recycling program after months of dealing with recycling market hardships. The city, however, will replace its curbside pickup program with a recycling drop-off program. The recycling drop-off site officially opened on July 1.   

The Daily Independent has more information:

After procuring a $74,000 loss from Madison County’s curbside recycling pilot pickup program in 2018-19, the fiscal court unanimously approved a motion by Magistrate Larry Combs to terminate the curbside program entirely by August 1, 2019.

The county offers recycling to 60 subdivisions -- 2,300 customers -- which were pre-determined by a county recycling pilot program that began in March of 2009. They practice single stream recycling, where recyclables are collected, compacted in a truck and taken to the recycling center in Lexington.

Deputy Judge/Executive Colleen Chaney said that the county has only ever had the pilot program, and it has been that way since before Judge/Executive Reagan Taylor’s administration began four years ago.

Read the full article here.

KGUN 9 has more information:

After months of dealing with a struggling recycling market, Sierra Vista city officials decided to end the curbside recycling pick up program and replace it with a recycling drop-off site.

Recycling trucks made their last blue bin pick up on June 21.

The recycling drop-off site officially opens on Monday, July 1.

Read the full article here.

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