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TOMRA Expands Smart Recycling Technology, Unveils New Reverse Vending Solutions

Flow Technology’s anti-fraud features also ensure security and accuracy and help defend the integrity of the recycling system.

TOMRA Collection Solutions is expanding its Flow Technology across its portfolio of reverse vending machines (RVMs), which collect bottles and cans for recycling.

TOMRA Flow Technology is a 360° recognition system in RVMs. A connected system of cameras and sensors scans each recycled container rapidly. The objects require no rotation. The Flow Technology’s anti-fraud features also ensure security and accuracy and help defend the integrity of the recycling system.
Previously available exclusively in TOMRA’s premium T-9 and T-90 RVMs, Flow Technology is now expanding to new products across the TOMRA range:

  • T-70 has joined T-90 in TOMRA’s InPac product range, which combines the consumer interface and container storage in one standalone unit, for a smaller footprint. T-90 serves stores receiving higher volumes of containers, while the compact T-70 is ideal for stores with medium volumes and limited space.
  • Bulk Collection sees TOMRA enter a new market segment, with an industrial offering for recycling depots, redemption centers and counting stations receiving large volumes of containers. TOMRA’s Bulk Collection product builds on TOMRA’s system architecture and modules for applications outside traditional RVMs. 

Other products are also previewing as TOMRA enters new markets:

  • A concept machine is the smallest in TOMRA’s portfolio, designed specifically for use in urban convenience stores. The machine also uses advanced spectrometer technology to recognize specific sub-types of container materials.
  • The entry-level H-10 and H-11 RVMs feature the largest touch-screens in TOMRA’s range, at 21.5 inches. Now available, H-10 and H-11 were developed in cooperation with one of the world’s largest suppliers of municipal smart recycling solutions.

All RVM products come as part of the three-pillar TOMRA system, spanning reverse vending machines, service and the new TOMRA Connect digital solutions. The comprehensive TOMRA Service offering and worldwide network of qualified technicians give local support and ensure maximum machine uptime.
“We promised that T-9 with TOMRA Flow Technology would be the first in a new generation of reverse vending machines, and that new generation has now arrived,” Ingrid Solberg, vice president of product management at TOMRA Collection Solutions said in a statement. “TOMRA constantly looks at the needs of retailers, consumers and regulators to solve different challenges that markets experience. We aim to create the preferred portfolio of collection products and be the market leader for innovation, at the forefront in ensuring value and engagement for everyone involved in the recycling process.”

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