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Sigma Stretch Film Partners with iSustain Recycling to Provide Sustainability Solutions

Tim Robberts/Getty Images partnership

Chattanooga, TN - Plastics industry leader Sigma Stretch Film has partnered with the recycling and
sustainability experts at iSustain Recycling to launch a new recycling initiative to benefit Sigma
customers. As a manufacturer and purveyor of stretch film, Sigma Stretch Film recognizes an
opportunity to further support its customer base with cutting edge sustainability solutions. With the
help of iSustain Recycling, Sigma Stretch Film will provide turnkey solutions for their clients. Sigma
Stretch Film is recognized as the industry leader in manufacturing and distributing stretch film
products with its team of over 450 employees and the capacity to produce more than 700 million
pounds per year. Through its partnership, iSustain Recycling will help recycle those products
responsibly and economically at the end of their life cycles.

iSustain Recycling specializes in creative custom recycling solutions for businesses that deal in
massive quantities of materials that other companies deem unrecyclable. From stretch film to
corrugated cores and dividers to Gaylord boxes and even food waste, iSustain Recycling excels at
finding creative long-term solutions through reuse, recycling, alternative energy, and/or advanced
recycling . iSustain Recycling is a Certified Women’s owned and operated by the WBENC with a
national presence, helping customers across the U.S. recycling more than 161 million pounds of
plastic every year.

Sigma Stretch Film has already shown a commitment to sustainability in the way they approach
business, as well as through other partnerships to improve these efforts through various initiatives
such as Operation Clean Sweep and Sustainable Packaging Coalition. Their partnership with
iSustain Recycling is yet another example of their diligence in bolstering environmentally-conscious
activity by expanding their commitment in supporting their customers’ recycling plans. Through this
unique partnership, Sigma Stretch Film will direct their customer recycling inquiries to iSustain
Recycling, who will then develop waste stream-optimizing recycling programs that are both efficient
and cost-effective, while also having a positive impact on the environment. The primary benefits to
Sigma Stretch Film customers are just that, cost savings, more sustainable business practices, and
removing hard-to-recycle items clogging up their work spaces.

iSustain Recycling specializes in recycling polyethylene films, polypropylene films, crosslinked films,
non olefin films, coated films, purges, pellets, rigid plastics, cardboard, Gaylord boxes, supersacs,
pallets, corrugated cores, and more.

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