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Rush2Recycle Achieves 91% Diversion at Super Bowl LII

The zero waste project at this year’s Super Bowl was a success.

The NFL partnered with PepsiCo, U.S. Bank Stadium, SMG, Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority and Aramark to attempt a zero waste Super Bowl earlier this month. They achieved their goal, achieving a 91 percent diversion rate.

“The zero waste legacy project is a testament to teamwork, with multiple partners coming together to achieve an ambitious environmental goal,” said Jack GrohJ, director of the NFL’s Environmental Program, in a statement. “The NFL is proud that this program was not only successful at Super Bowl LII, but will also serve as a permanent installation at the stadium and leave a lasting impact on the community.”

The NFL and its partners recycled, composted or donated 63 tons of the 69 tons of waste created at this year’s Super Bowl. This achievement will serve as a benchmark for future Super Bowls and events at U.S. Bank Stadium.

“U.S. Bank Stadium’s journey to the zero waste threshold has been demanding, and we couldn’t have gotten here without the commitment of our stadium partners,” said Michael Vekich, chair of the Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority and owner of U.S. Bank Stadium, in a statement. “We look forward to sharing our experiences with other facilities who are interested in this important sustainability program.”

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