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Ohio Recycling Coalition Promotes Sustainable Future

Renee Navarre will serve as CEO of the coalition.

The Ohio Recycling Coalition, a nonprofit recycling trade association based in Dublin, Ohio, has launched to provide business resource assistance for businesses focused on recycling, reuse, re-manufacturing and waste minimization. Renee Navarre, president and owner of EnviroSource Waste Solutions LLC, will serve as CEO of the coalition.

“I am excited to be the board president and a charter member for the Ohio Recycling Coalition, which we have established to assist in the positive financial impact of Ohio’s recycling industry while providing for a sustainable future for our next generation,” said Bob Gedert, senior consultant for Resource Recycling Systems and president of the Ohio Recycling Coalition’s Board of Directors, in a statement. “Working in step with Renee Navarre and Arley Owens, our overarching goal is to make a major difference in Ohio’s sustainable-focused businesses and the recycling ondustry.”

The coalition plans to partner with nonprofits, businesses and other trade associations to maintain productive recycling systems and work for the conservation of natural resources. Arley Owens, a career sustainability professional, will serve as executive director of the coalition.

“Renee, Bob and I have crafted an aggressive action plan designed to serve Ohio’s recycling, reuse, re-manufacturing and waste minimization businesses. This month we will also kickoff an Ohio Recycling Coalition Charter Membership Drive for like-minded individuals, along with sustainable-focused businesses, organizations, colleges, universities and government agencies that wish to join with us to work together to build a better and brighter sustainable economic future for Ohio’s next generation,” said Owens in a statement.

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