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North Carolina County Considering Rise in Recycling Fees

The fee may be raised to $148 a year to ensure a balanced budget.

Orange County, N.C., currently charges property owners $107 per year for curbside and convenience center recycling. The fee generates about $6.5 million for the $12 million county solid waste budget. But the county is not taking in enough money to cover costs and without a fee increase, it will sap its current reserves by 2021, according to an analysis by SCS engineers.

As a result, the fee may be raised to $148 a year to ensure a balanced budget.

The News & Observer has more:

The problem isn’t caused by any notable inefficiencies in the Solid Waste Department, he noted. Instead, expenses are outpacing revenues, because the recyclables market has been declining since 2010-11.

At the same time, Orange County is recycling more goods. Nearly 15,000 tons was recycled in 2010-11, earning the county nearly $900,000, reports show. Last year, nearly 15,500 tons were recycled but revenues were roughly $200,000.

“The recycling industry frankly just tanked and affected everybody, Orange County included,” Dick said.

Read the full story here.

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