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New Podcast Series Explores China’s Recycling Revolution Guang Niu/Getty Images

New Podcast Series Explores China’s Recycling Revolution

The four-part South China Morning Post podcast series features industry veteran and Waste360 columnist Chaz Miller.

A new podcast series featuring waste and recycling industry veteran and Waste360 columnist Chaz Miller looks at recycling in the U.S., Shanghai, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Australia since China implemented its National Sword policy.

The four-part South China Morning Post podcast series, "China’s recycling revolution: How it changed the global approach to trash," features the following episodes:

  1. How China’s National Sword policy caused global recycling disruption: China’s changes to recycling didn’t happen overnight. This episode tracks back to how and why China’s approach to waste affected the U.S. and Australia and how it inspired nations across Southeast Asia to follow its example to reject contaminated waste exports from Western nations.
  2. Shanghai’s new waste system and the big question—what trash are you: A new four category waste system has been brought in to China’s second most populous city—and with it a deluge of headlines about surveillance, social credit and high-tech garbage bins. This episode explores what’s really happening.
  3. One trashcan, two systems—Hong Kong and Taiwan: In 1997, Hong Kong and Taiwan took two very different paths to disposing their trash. One of them involved an instantly recognizable English folk song. The other created a sub-class of elderly people, called “cardboard grannies.” This episode introduces people at the frontline of recycling, facing some tough decisions.
  4. Rethinking recycling—the global plastic crisis and what comes next: The world is embracing a new approach to recycling, but there’s a new app that’s causing a tsunami of single-use plastic both in China and the west. This episode looks at the cause and also what some of the solutions might be.

Listen to the episodes via the South China Morning Post.

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