According to the recent analysis of the New York City Department of Sanitation 2013 Residential Waste Characterization Study completed by the New York City Independent Budget Office, approximately 44 percent of the city’s recyclable materials are captured by the city’s recycling programs. This analysis serves an eye-opener to New Yorkers; educating them about the impact that improper recycling has on the city.

Last month, two new recycling rules went into effect for the City of New York. City officials hope that the new recycling rules will help ramp up the city’s recycling efforts, and the city is currently discussing the idea of creating commercial waste zones, which would divide the city into zones and require private sanitation companies to bid for the exclusive right to service a certain zone.

New York Today has more:

Apparently, we could all up our recycling game.

First, less than half of what we could recycle ends up in our city’s recycling programs, according to a report published last month by the city’s Independent Budget Office.

Second, much of what we do try to recycle gets thrown into the wrong bins.

“This makes recycling more expensive, and it makes what’s actually recyclable less valuable,” said Daniel Huber, an environmental analyst with the budget office.

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