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Long Island’s Recycling Rate Hovers Around 15%

The late adoption of single stream recycling may be to blame.

Long Island, N.Y., only recycles about 15 percent of its waste. And the late adoption of single stream recycling may be to blame.

While some communities within Long Island have embraced single stream recycling, many still need to make the switch. In addition, Long Island needs to build another single stream recycling facility to handle the materials collected and hauled from various new communities that are rolling out single stream recycling program, such as Oyster Bay.

Newsday has more:

The Town of Oyster Bay has jumped on the single-stream recycling bandwagon. The more the merrier.

Single-stream recycling — the practice of using one container for all recyclables, and sorting them in a new kind of recycling plant — has been common around the country for years. Long Island has been late to the game. That’s a big reason why the region still recycles only about 15 percent of its garbage, according to local industry experts, shamefully behind the national average of 34 percent.

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