Kentucky Awards Recycling Grants to Local Governments

The Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet’s Division of Waste Management has awarded more than 70 grants to local governments to expand recycling and household hazardous waste management programs. The grants total $3.5 million.

“Recycling and managing household hazardous waste play a large part in Kentucky’s efforts to go green and conserve energy statewide,” said Gov. Steve Beshear in a press release. “The household hazardous waste grants allow homeowners to safely dispose of chemicals and other materials that pose a threat to human health and the environment.”

The grant program, which is called the Kentucky Pride Fund, is funded by a $1.75 per ton fee assessed on waste placed in landfills in the state.

“Kentucky’s growing interest in recycling is evident from the addition of 20 first-time recycling grants applicants,” added Energy and Environment Cabinet Secretary Len Peters in the press release. “The Kentucky Pride Fund program is increasing the infrastructure that allows more Kentuckians to participate in the recycling, waste reduction and reuse of materials we have on hand, thereby reducing our need for virgin materials and lessening our carbon footprint.”

For the press release announcing the grants and a complete list of the recipients, visit the Division of Waste Management's website.


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