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Efficiency Nova Scotia Unveils New Mercury Recycling Program

Efficiency Nova Scotia Unveils New Mercury Recycling Program

Residents of Nova Scotia, Canada, can now recycle mercury-contained devices thanks to a new Efficiency Nova Scotia recycling program. Items like lights, appliances and thermostats can be dropped off at various locations, and Nova Scotia Power will front the bill for the items to be recycled.

Before the program was in place, residents found it difficult to find a place that would take items that contained mercury because many of those devices are often treated like hazardous waste. For example, some private retailers may accept CFL lightbulbs at one location, but not another.

CBC News has the details: 

A new Efficiency Nova Scotia program is making it easier for people and businesses to recycle devices containing mercury, such as compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs.

Nova Scotians can now drop off lights, appliances and thermostats at various locations and Nova Scotia Power will pay for the recycling.

Previously, it was difficult to know when and where to take items, says Efficiency Nova Scotia spokesperson Amelia Warren.

"A private retailer may have accepted CFLs at one location, for example, but not another, so it was difficult for consumers to know where they could take products, and those programs may have only been offered at certain times of the year," she said in an email.

Read the full story here.

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