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Dallas City Council Proposes Mandating Recycling Programs for Apartment Buildings

The council’s Quality of Life Committee voted unanimously.

The Dallas City Council has directed city staff to create an ordinance mandating recycling programs in all multifamily properties within the next three months. The decision was made by a unanimous vote from the Quality of Life Committee.

The committee also expressed desire to instill the same mandate on commercial properties, but a less strict timeline was attached. Over half of the city’s residents live in apartment complexes, but less than 25 percent of complexes currently offer recycling services.

Any ordinance drafted will have to be approved by the entire City Council, and any mandate will likely involve starting with certain complexes and gradually bringing in more and more over several years.

The Dallas Morning News has more information:

The committee's strident push for mandating recycling programs at apartments came a year earlier than a previous timeline called for and after council members reviewed data on the lack of voluntary participation from apartment complexes.

"We call ourselves a well-managed, cutting edge city. A growth city. Lots of new business. Dallas is on fire," said council member Rickey Callahan. "Well, we need to get on fire with recycling."

The decision was met without stiff pushback from the Apartment Association of Greater Dallas — which wants to see more details — and with backing from environmentalists such as Trammell S. Crow, the son of the famed late Dallas real estate developer.

Read the full story here.

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