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Closed Loop Fund Calls Out Trump’s Proposed Recycling Cuts

Opportunities to invest in recycling exist across rural and urban America.

In an op-ed for The Hill, Ron Gonen a co-founder/managing partner at Closed Loop Partners, called out the Trump administration for its proposed cuts to the Sustainable Materials Management program and the Waste Reduction Model.

Gonen argues that the programs, “guide investments into recycling facilities that sort and process material, and manufacturing infrastructure that utilizes these materials to make new products here at home – creating jobs in the process.”

From the piece:

Opportunities to invest in recycling exist across rural and urban America. As a result, investments in recycling benefit all Americans. For example, due to a recent investment in recycling carts for every home in Memphis, Tenn., the city has reduced its landfill disposal fees, is generating revenue and keeping a private recycling company that provides dozens of local jobs in the city.

In Quad Cities, Iowa, an upgrade to the recycling facility and recycling trucks has increased revenue for the municipality and maintains dozens of local jobs. A number of banks and private investment firms have co-invested with us and on their own in similar projects.

The EPA’s research on waste and recycling in America also enables consumer goods companies and retail industries to access critical supplies of recycled plastic, paper, and metal that reduce manufacturing costs by investing in recycling programs and technologies that collect and return valuable material to their supply chains.

Recycling aligns corporate interests with the interests of the communities in which they manufacture, employ thousands of people, and sell their product.

Read the full commentary here.

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