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City of Dallas Stuck at Half its Zero Waste Recycling Goal

The city has a goal of diverting 40 percent of its waste from landfill by 2020 and right now, the city is stuck at 21 percent.

The City of Dallas set a goal of diverting 40 percent of the city’s waste from landfill by 2020 and right now, the city is stuck at a recycling rate of just 21 percent.

The city currently provides weekly recycling and garbage pickup for residents who live in standalone homes. Apartment complexes, however, must set up their own recycling system or drop off materials at one of the city’s 140 dumpster locations. The city’s sanitation services department also provides residents with a free bulk and brush program, where they can properly dispose of old furniture, tree limbs, bagged leaves, etc.

In an effort to boost recycling rates, the city’s sanitation services department is looking for new ways to reach out and educate the approximately 20 percent of city residents who don’t even have a blue recycling bin.

The Dallas Morning News has more information:

The city of Dallas is recycling at just half the rate it set as a goal in a  "Zero Waste" plan city hall approved three years ago. But the city’s not kicking the blue bins to the curb just yet.

The plan’s first benchmark calls for getting Dallas residents and companies to send 40 percent of their waste through recycling or reuse channels instead of trucking it to the landfill by 2020. Right now, that percentage—called the diversion rate—is at 21 percent. That is among the lowest rates of major Texas cities, according to the Sanitation Services Department.

Kelly High, the director of the department, said they are fighting a two-front battle.

Read the full story here.

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