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Chemex Global Awarded EPC Contract for Advanced Recycling Facility

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HOUSTON -- Chemex Global, Inc. is pleased to announce it has secured a project award to engineer, procure and construct a 240 MTPD advanced recycling facility in Hebron, Ohio for Freepoint Eco-Systems, LLC ("Freepoint Eco-Systems").

The facility will convert waste plastic otherwise destined for landfill or incineration to a green pyrolysis oil that will be used to create recycled plastic and other valuable products.

Chemex Global will provide complete integration of the facility, which includes specialty materials handling and pyrolysis packages, building renovations, a back-end pyrolysis oil condensing and fractionation system, utilities, storage, load-out capability, and overall facility control systems. Further, Chemex Global will fully commission the facility. The EPC contract includes process and schedule guarantees.

Pipe and module fabrication for the facility will be completed by Chemex Global's parent company, The Shaw Group, at their shops across the U.S., including the state-of-the-art 440,000 square foot module facility in Lake Charles and pipe fabrication facilities in Walker, Louisiana and El Dorado, Arkansas.

"Chemex's ability to simultaneously manage the technical, commercial, and legal aspects of initiating a fixed-price project such as this one in a short period of time was differentiating and impressive," shared Jeff McMahon, Managing Director, Freepoint Eco-Systems. "Their deep modular experience will also provide advantages in ensuring on-budget execution with schedule certainty."

"Our diverse engineering capabilities combined with world-class fabrication assets enabled us to assess the project, minimize field execution to the greatest extent possible, and quickly arrive at definitive agreements to keep Freepoint Eco-Systems' project development plans on schedule," added Matt Rodgers, Chief Commercial Officer, Chemex. "It is a model we look forward to replicating many times in the future."

About Freepoint Eco-Systems

Freepoint Eco-Systems is an affiliate of Freepoint Commodities LLC, a global commodities merchant providing supply chain management services and eco-friendly products and solutions to its customers. Among other things, Freepoint Eco-Systems is in the business of securing supplies of waste plastic that is not being recycled and converting that waste into recycled products via its advanced recycling facilities. Freepoint Eco-Systems is engaged in business operations in the U.S., Europe, and Asia.  More information can be found at www.FreepointEcoSystems.com

About Chemex Global

Chemex Global offers clients a boutique service experience for modular and conventional refinery and energy projects. Chemex Global is positioned at the forefront of the energy transition. Our in-house experts draw on over 40 years of global experience to engineer and design each piece of a project tailored to a client's specific needs and ensure that the most effective and reliable solution is achieved. Chemex Global leverages an integrated team approach that includes all project disciplines and drives safety, quality, and construction-driven planning. Chemex Global operates from the Greater Houston area with our engineering, design, and project management teams in The Woodlands, Texas.

About The Shaw Group

Shaw is an industry leader in pipe and module fabrication services to a variety of industries including oil and gas, heavy construction, power, pulp and paper, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage and wastewater. The company boasts 2.2 million square feet of fabrication and manufacturing capacity around the world with the capability to provide premier pipe fabrication, module and induction bending services to industrial clients throughout the world. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, Shaw employs approximately 700 people across its offices and operations in North America and the Middle East.

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