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Abilene, Texas, City Council Declines to Implement Curbside Recycling Program

Not enough citizens signed up for the program to make it viable.

Citing a lack of interest, the Abilene (Texas) City Council elected to not move ahead with a proposal to implement a curbside recycling program.

Earlier this month, about 900 residents had subscribed. But the city said it needed more people to make the program viable. The mayor put out a call to get more residents to opt into the service. has the details:

The city conducted a survey earlier this year to judge interest in the program. About 3,500 people expressed interest. Those folks were then sent a contract. But only 1,446 had signed the contract and returned it by an extended deadline earlier this month.

The projected cost of the program with full participation, or 2,000 to 3,000 subscribers, would have been $5.57 to $7.35 per month.

With the 1,446 contracts, the program would have cost customers an estimated $9.40 per month.

Read the full story here.

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