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Aim to be Green Township Recycling Program Recycles 10M Pounds

Article-Aim to be Green Township Recycling Program Recycles 10M Pounds

The OSS Solid Waste District’s Aim to Be Green Recycling Drop-off Program has provided recycling service to the residents of Ottawa, Sandusky and Seneca Counties for the past two years. Since the program began in October of 2012, it continues to grow. In August of this year, the program reached another milestone by collecting over 10 million pounds of recyclable materials.

Tim Wasserman, District Director is pleased with the program’s success and popularity over the past two years.

“The amount of material recycled demonstrates that our District residents are committed to recycling,” said Wasserman. “The program would not be successful without their participation.”

The program provides service to 158 eight-yard recycling bins located at 43 sites throughout Ottawa, Sandusky and Seneca Counties. The bins are available seven days a week, during daylight hours. District residents use their local drop-off site in their township. Site locations can be found on the District’s website at www.recycleoss.org. The District’s eight-yard recycling bins are easily recognizable by decals on the front with the Aim to be Green logo and information listing all materials that can be recycled in the bin. Residents do not need to separate their materials because all recyclables can be placed into the bin together. This requires less space when storing materials at home. When you to take your recyclables to the bin you can easily place materials into the bin using the lid or sliding doors located on the side. The sliding doors are positioned at a convenient height for easy accessibility. The lid can be lifted for larger items like cardboard. Some containers have lid locks to prevent the lids from blowing open during windy conditions. When the lids are locked please use the sliding doors.

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