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Salem, Mass., Approves Multiple Solid Waste Collection Increases

Salem, Mass., city councilors approved a hike on garbage fees in both Marion and Polk counties.

In Salem, Mass., residents will soon be faced with solid waste collection increases. Those who reside in Marion County and have basic waste collection services will see a 16 percent increase, while those who live in Polk County will only receive a 30 cent rate increase.

These rate changes are mostly due to a boost in solid waste disposal fees and mixed organic waste and a decrease in recycling revenue. These rate changes will go into effect on October 1, 2016.

Statesman Journal has more details:

Salem city councilors approved a hike on garbage fees in both Marion and Polk counties, in what was considered by several local neighborhood associations to be a steep rate increase.

Residential, multi-family and commercial waste collection rates are all affected by the increases, with varying rate hikes, although increases in Polk County in general are less significant that fee hikes in Marion County.

For basic waste collection services like collecting a standard 35-gallon garbage cart, residents in the Marion County will pay 16 percent more, at $51.70 every other month, while Polk County city residents in West Salem will pay $40.80, at a $0.30 monthly rate increase.

Read the full story here.

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