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New Coalition Advocates for Consumer-focused Solution to California’s Recycling Challenges

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Californians for Recycling and the Environment will promote productive conversation regarding recycling goals and challenges in SB 54 and AB 1080.

Californians for Recycling and the Environment (CRE) announced the formal launch of its coalition, whose purpose is to bring together Californians, product manufacturers and lawmakers to find an effective, environmentally responsible, consumer-focused solution to reduce the amount of plastic waste that goes into California’s landfills and litters the environment.

“CRE is absolutely committed to environmental sustainability and recycling. But we’re concerned that as currently written, SB 54 and AB 1080 will unintentionally eliminate many products that families rely on for their health and wellbeing because California doesn’t yet have the necessary recycling infrastructure in place,” said CRE spokesperson Micah Grant in a statement. “We stand ready to work with the legislature and all stakeholders to develop a thoughtful solution to our state’s recycling challenges that protects our environment, keeps Californians safe and ensures that the products we’ve come to rely on remain available and affordable.”

In the coming months, CRE will engage in a robust education and advocacy campaign that will help identify and support a thoughtful, responsible consensus solution to California’s recycling challenges.

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