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Using Ultracapacitors to Start Your Fleet

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We’ll talk about replacing 100-year old battery technology with the revolutionary new Maxwell Ultracapacitor-based Engine Start Module to reliably start your trucks.  Fleet owners and drivers have dedicated routes and strict schedules to adhere to.  Starting problems anywhere along the way generally mean costly jump-starts resulting in lost time & money.  Fleets that experience these problems now have a solution; no longer do they have to live with expensive & time-consuming jump-starts.

We’ll show you how we start every truck every morning, how we make sure every truck gets through every day with no jump-starts, and how we start trucks reliably; even when it’s as cold as -40⁰F.  We save you fuel because drivers aren’t afraid to turn their trucks off during their route.  Battery replacement costs go down because the ESM frequently lasts the life of the truck, and, since batteries no longer crank the engine, they simply last longer.  Payback period is typically around 12 months. It all starts with Maxwell. START STRONG!

About Maxwell Technologies, Inc.
Maxwell’s Engine Start Module can start Diesel engines up to 15L at -40º F; effectively eliminating jump-starts and stranded trucks. It’s not a battery. It’s better. It uses our power-dense ultracapacitor technology to reliably start Diesel engines. Replacing one Group 31 battery, it takes over all engine cranking and gets the job done. Conditions are unreliable; starting your truck shouldn’t be.

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