CarbonLITE Opens Giant Plastics Recycling Plant

CarbonLITE Industries has opened a plastic bottle recycling plant, which it claims is the world’s largest.

The Los Angeles-based subsidiary of HPC Industries LLC said in a news release it launched a 220,000-sq.-ft. bottle-to-bottle plastic recycling facility in Riverside, Calif.  The plant will recover more than two billion plastic polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles annually from the state’s curbside and redemption value programs and create more than 100 jobs.

Calif. Gov. Jerry Brown attended the facility opening. “Companies like CarbonLite are revolutionizing the recycling industry and dramatically reducing the huge amount of plastic dumped in California landfills each year,” he said.

CarbonLite is working on the project with PepsiCo and Nestle Waters. CarbonLITE specializes is processing used plastic bottles into PET pellets to make new bottles.

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