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Two Gangs Accused of Smuggling Garbage Detained in Southern China

The suspects were accused of bringing more than 5,000 tons of rubbish from Vietnam.

Eleven suspects from two gangs are being detained by police in Southern China for allegedly smuggling more than 5,000 tons of electronic and plastic waste into the country from Vietnam.

China’s recent ban on plastic imports has meant a significant increase in plastic waste imports for Vietnam and other Southeast Asian countries, and the two gangs are accused of smuggling waste into China to be sold for a profit.

South China Morning Post has more information:

After police raids state television showed footage of waste stuffed into large bags, with plastic, rubber and parts from old televisions scattered around.

Zhang Hu, the deputy squad leader in the anti-smuggling division of the customs department in Nanning told the Nanning Evening News the rubbish posed a major environmental hazard to local water supplies and soil.

“This garbage would be processed and made into plastic products or other plastic bags to circulate in the domestic market,” Zhang was quoted as saying. 

Read the full story here.

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