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The Sustainable Plastic Revolution is Here

PureCycle PureCycle

ORLANDO, Fla.-- PureCycle Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq: PCT) announced the first product made from PureCycled plastic has launched. The first-of-its-kind sustainable plastic shower dispenser was brought to market and sold by EC30 and made from PureCycle's ultra-pure recycled plastic transformed from trash found in the bins of U.S. stadiums. Bringing an ultra-pure recycled plastic product to consumers marks a milestone for PureCycle and changes the sustainable products game. 

Mike Otworth, CEO, PureCycle, said, "There is no doubt that consumers expect companies to deliver products that are sustainable, but more importantly, eco-driven customers want true sustainability - not corporate greenwashing. What we are creating at PureCycle is more than a plastic that can be infinitely sustainable, we are giving brands an opportunity to be deliberate and genuine when it comes to creating sustainable products that put our environment at the forefront. We want every eco-driven consumer to join PureCycle in our sustainable plastic revolution so we can take on the plastic waste crisis at its core: the materials used to make plastic products. Plastic products can and should be made with material that is infinitely sustainable."

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce noted that by the end of 2021, consumers will have spent up to $150 billion on sustainable products.

David Brenner, Chief Commercial Officer, PureCycle, said, "PureCycled products available for purchase is another step in our journey that brings us one step closer to our goal of creating a pure planet. EC30 is the perfect partner for our first product launch as they are equally focused on offering truly sustainable products with the smallest carbon footprint. This product is the first of what we believe to be many examples of products being piloted that demonstrate our resin's ability to deliver exceptional aesthetic and mechanical properties that both meet sustainability goals and delight the consumer."

The big problem with plastic is that it often ends up flowing into oceans and waterways, sitting in landfills, or scattered across the environment. PureCycle is committed to being the answer to this problem. Plastic can be a replenishable and sustainable resource when it is PureCycled. 

PureCycled plastic is designed to revolutionize how society recycles by transforming plastic waste into an infinitely sustainable material. PureCycle's unique purification process allows the resulting ultra-pure recycled plastic to be used in products over and over again.

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