August 7, 2020

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What do plastic lawn chairs, children’s toys, and laundry hampers all have in common? They’re all really difficult to recycle. That’s why Rehrig Pacific has pioneered an innovative way to incorporate these plastics back into its very own products.

With an industry total of 1.4 billion pounds of bulky rigid plastics recovered each year, Rehrig Pacific is dedicated to creating sustainable products and partnering with customers who share in that same mission.

Rehrig’s Pacific’s Envirocore Cart contains 40% of post-consumer recycled content including 10% bulky rigid recycled particles. The Envirocore Cart is not just sustainable–it’s customizable, as well. With this feature, the Envirocore Cart allows customers to get one step closer to Zero Waste while seamlessly retaining their brand aesthetic.



The Envirocore Cart At-a-Glance

  • Available in 65- and 95-gallon sizes

  • Made in Multiple Colors

  • Comes with 10 year Warranty

  • Made with 40% post-consumer recyclables including 10% of bulky rigid plastics

  • 100% Recyclable at the end of life

Sustainability is at Our Core

Rehrig Pacific sees solutions where no one else does. Founded in 1913, Rehrig Pacific’s scientific curiosity and nearly molecular attention to detail have made them the industry leader in pallets, waste, and recycling containers to offer innovative supply chain solutions.

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