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Queen Elizabeth II is Working to Reduce Waste at Buckingham Palace

The queen has banned straws and plastic bottles at all royal estates.

Queen Elizabeth II has announced a new waste reduction plan at Buckingham Palace in Westminster, England, that will ban all straws and plastic bottles, requiring glass cups in all cafes and residences.

The new changes are thought to be inspired by the success of the recent BBC documentary “Blue Planet II,” which in part focused on the negative effects of waste on the oceans and other water sources around the world.

The Washington Post has more information:

A palace spokesman told the press that there was a “strong desire to tackle the issue” at the highest levels. “Across the organisation, the Royal Household is committed to reducing its environmental impact,” he said, according to the Telegraph.

Buckingham Palace is also undergoing a decade-long refurbishment to make it more green. Solar panels are being installed and electricity systems updated with an eye toward improving energy efficiency by 40 percent. The updated palace will also have a composting system for organic waste.

The royals have a long history of environmental activism. Prince Charles has delivered several speeches about damage to the oceans. In one recent talk, he warned of an “escalating ecological and human disaster” from refuse in the seas. Charles and Dame Ellen MacArthur teamed up to offer a million-dollar cash prize to anyone with a great idea for keeping garbage out of the ocean.

Read the full story here.

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