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Plastics Industry Association Announces Opposition to President Trump’s Steel Tariffs

The association is mounting a campaign to contact congress.

The Plastics Industry Association, a group dedicated to advocating for the plastics industry, announced on Twitter its opposition to the new steel tariffs proposed by President Trump, saying that the tariffs could cost the industry jobs and money.

The association has sent a letter to President Trump outlining its opposition, and it is organizing a campaign among members to contact Congress explaining the risks of the tariffs. The White House has expressed that new tariffs on steel and aluminum are necessary to protect national security and the American steel and aluminum industry.

Plastic News has more information:

“Across-the-board tariffs on these materials could dramatically increase costs for the segments of the plastics industry that depend on them-costs that would be passed down through the supply chain to other plastics companies, manufacturers, businesses and, ultimately, to consumers,” the association said in a March 7 letter to President Trump.

“This would undoubtedly have a negative impact on the plastics industry and the economy as a whole,” it said. On its website, it called the tariffs “devastating to our businesses and our industry.”

March 8 White House fact sheet said the move is needed to protect national security.

“The action I’m taking today follows a 9-month investigation by the Department of Commerce, Secretary Ross, documenting a growing crisis in our steel and aluminum production that threatens the security of our nation, and also is bad for us economically and with jobs,” Trump said in a White House announcement March 8.

Read the full story here.

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