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Minnesota, Wisconsin Farmers Helping Recycle Plastic Waste into Trash Bags

Revolution Plastics, an Arkansas-based company, has been in the plastics recycling business in Southern states since 1996.

An Arkansas-based company is working with farmers in Minnesota and Wisconsin to take some of the 60 million to 80 million pounds of plastic waste those entities generate each year and recycle it into trash bags.

In the past two years, Revolution Plastics has given more than 4,400 dumpsters to farmers in the two states to convert the waste into bags that are then used in local parks.

The StarTribune has the details:

“Recycling ag plastics is a problem that’s bedeviled me for 20 years,” said Anne Morse, recycling and sustainability coordinator for Winona County in southeastern Minnesota. “There wasn’t a system that I could set up that made sense and wasn’t extremely costly.”

That ended last December, when Winona became the first county in the state to welcome Revolution Plastics, the Arkansas-based company that has been in the plastics recycling business in Southern states since 1996.

Revolution, wanting to expand its reach, set up pilot programs in the Midwest in 2014 and 2015 and initiated a full launch in Minnesota and Wisconsin last year, said Price Murphy, the company’s director of operations.

Farmers who use at least 2,000 pounds of plastic a year can sign up for the program, Murphy said. This week, more than 100 dumpsters will be distributed in Fergus Falls, Minn., and Buffalo, Minn.

Read the full story here.

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