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IBM Develops Polycarbonate Recycling Technology

IBM Develops Polycarbonate Recycling Technology

IBM’s research division has a developed a process to recycle polycarbonate, the plastic that can be found in electronics and other household items.

The chemical process converts polycarbonate and prevents the leaching of bisphenol.

Plastics News has the report:

Researchers in the company’s Almaden laboratory in San Jose, Calif., said the addition of a fluoride reactant, heat and a base similar to baking powder produces a new plastic that will not leach BPA.

They call the new material polyaryl ether sulfones.

Workers at IBM Research, a unit of the company that’s known for creating the Watson super computer, used both experimental lab work and predictive modeling in their discovery.

They recycled old CDs to “produce a new plastic with temperature and chemical resistance superior to the original substance,” IBM said. “When the powder is reconstructed into new forms, its strength prevents the decomposition process that causes BPA leaching.”

Read the full story here.

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