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Happy World Oceans Day!


World Oceans Day is an international day that takes place annually on June 8th. We hope you join us and help educate the world on the importance of this day.

To celebrate World Oceans Day, we have compiled all our ocean-related NothingWasted! Podcast episodes for you to enjoy again or catch up on!

Using Science to Find Solutions for Circularity
Hear from Marcus Ericksen, author, scientist, marine and Co-Founder of Leap Lab and The 5 Gyres Institute, as he talks about biodegradable plastics, sailing across the ocean in JUNK (a plastic-bottle boat), turning science into policy, and much more.

Reimagining the Circular Economy by Preventing Ocean Plastics Pollution
Listen to Ryan Schoenike, co-founder of OceanCycle, as he shares his smart insights on partnering with consumer-packaged-goods companies to solve the plastics problem, how the pandemic has affected his work, and more.

Sailing through Ocean Plastics, Recycling + Circularity
Listen to from Kristine Berg, Circular Economy Adviser at TOMRA and an Ambassador for eXXpedition, as she shares her smart insights on the role of the waste management industry in the circular economy, the importance of taking lessons from the sea back to the land and more

Ocean Plastic Solutions from Cities, Brands & Waste Collectors
Listen to Susan Ruffo, Executive Director of The Circulate Initiative, which aims to incubate, measure, and amplify inclusive solutions that stop plastic waste from flowing into the ocean, share her smart insights on the role of cities in solving the ocean plastic problem, reframing marine waste as a broader issue, the challenges and importance of data in tackling ocean waste and more.

Overcoming the Plastics Crisis Takes Bold Action
Listen as we talk with Dave Ford, Founder of SoulBuffalo and Co-Founder of Ocean Plastics Leadership Network. Dave discusses one of the Ocean Plastics Leadership Network’s new initiatives called “Zero Hero” and shares his smart insights on the power of partnerships and connectivity, achieving zero-waste footprints in coastal communities, the role of the waste and recycling industry, building out virtual collaboration tools, and more.

Markets Using Ocean-bound Plastics
Listen as Ellen Jackowski, Global Head of Sustainability, Strategy, and Innovation at HP, shares her smart insights on building recycling infrastructure, using ocean-bound plastics, creating innovative new materials and markets, and more!

Saving the Oceans with Dune Ives of Lonely Whale
Listen to Dune Ives, Executive Director, Lonely Whale as she shares her smart insights on the role of corporations in making meaningful environmental shifts, recycled vs. virgin plastic pricing disconnects, human behavior, and more!

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