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Consumer Goods Industry Moves to Act on Plastic Waste

Proactive Approach Needed to Address Plastic Pollution
The Consumer Goods Forum board endorses the Ellen MacArthur Foundation's global commitment to a circular economy.

The Board of Directors of The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) has issued a statement calling for the consumer goods industry to play a leading role in eliminating plastic waste on land and sea and endorses the Ellen MacArthur Foundation's New Plastics Economy vision.

The statement was issued ahead of the Our Ocean Conference taking place in Bali, Indonesia, this week, where Emmanuel Faber, Danone chairman and CEO and CGF Board member, will emphasize the important role industry can and should play to address plastic waste.

The full statement is below:

"As the Board of The Consumer Goods Forum, we recognize the pressing need for our industry to play a leading role in tackling the issue of plastic waste. We are committed to implementing pre-competitive, collaborative actions with the aim of eliminating plastic waste on land and sea.

We recognize that the plastic waste challenge will only be solved by global collaboration between companies, national and local governments, multi-national organizations, the recycling industry and consumers. Consequently, the Board of The Consumer Goods Forum endorses the Ellen MacArthur Foundation's New Plastics Economy vision of a circular economy where no plastic ends up as waste.

Several members of the CGF are already advancing efforts that are consistent with the goals and objectives of the New Plastics Economy, including efforts to reduce problematic or unnecessary packaging and increase use of packaging that is recyclable or reusable. To complement the efforts of individual member companies, the CGF will identify specific areas where we can work collaboratively and pre-competitively to advance a circular economy for plastic packaging. Initial focus areas will include optimizing packaging design, working with others to enable recycling and reuse systems, and inspiring consumer engagement."

"The CGF's support shows the consumer goods industry is stepping up efforts to help tackle the plastic packaging challenge,” said Faber in a statement. “Together, manufacturers and retailers can contribute to delivering on the ambition to eliminate waste and build a circular economy of plastics. I look forward to more members of the CGF signing the New Plastics Economy Global Commitment and to working with them to drive systemic change."

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