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Buy Recycled Educational Initiative Launched

Campaign encourages consumers to buy products made with recycled plastics.

February 5, 2021

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The Foundation for Plastic Recycling, established by The Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR), recently launched a new initiative to stimulate market demand of recycled plastics.  The Buy Recycled campaign seeks to educate consumers about plastics recycling and encourage them to purchase products made with recycled plastics. When consumers rethink their everyday purchases and buy products made with recycled content, they help t boost market demand, benefit the environment, and support US jobs.

“Recycling helps the planet and empowers our communities,” commented Steve Alexander, President & CEO of APR and Board Chair of The Foundation for Plastic Recycling.  “Unfortunately, many people do not fully understand what happens to their recyclables after they are put in the bin. Even fewer understand the need to purchase recycled products to complete the circle of recycling and support the Circular Economy.”

The new Buy Recycled initiative seeks to change that.

The Buy Recycled website contains educational materials and resources, including four new infographics:

  • What it Means to Buy Recycled

  • How Do My Recycled Plastics Turn into New Products?

  • A Shoppers Guide to Buying Recycled

  • Top 10 Reasons to Buy Recycled

“With our new Buy Recycled initiative, we want to not only encourage consumers to recycle at home, but also educate them about what it actually means to buy recycled,” said Lisa Lopinsky, Executive Director of the Foundation for Plastic Recycling.  “We want buyers to pledge to purchase a recycled item or two every time they shop.”



The Foundation for Plastic Recycling is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to drive sustainability solutions for plastics packaging in order to support the Circular Economy.  Through education, research and collaboration, the Foundation seeks to enhance the value of plastic recycling as well as expand plastic recycling.

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