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Aripack Announces Partnership with NEO Plastics

The duo has unlocked a new solution for achieving zero waste.

Packaging supplier Aripack has announced a partnership with NEO Plastics, an innovative plastics company offering a new tool toward a zero waste sustainability strategy. Plastics have been accumulating in landfills for decades at alarming rates, and NEO believes it can offer a solution where the problem exists. NEO Plastics are designed to convert waste to useful biogas and, ultimately, sustainable clean energy. 

With the rise of landfill gas-to-energy efforts, including the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Landfill Methane Outreach Program, NEO Plastics can help support these endeavors in a big way. NEO’s creative solution allows ordinary plastics the opportunity to provide value after discard. By accelerating the natural process in anaerobic landfills, the NEO organic additive creates the opportunity to unlock the energy in plastics, delivering useful biogas to waste facilities that now collect and convert this valuable resource into clean sustainable energy. Brands looking for sustainable packaging solutions can now look to NEO as a new resource. As part of a waste-to-energy strategy, NEO Plastics unlocks a solution in the “ALL IN” fight for a cleaner environment. 

“Consumers are becoming more aware of the impact packaging has on our environment and demand a response,” said Isak Bengiyat, founder of Aripack, in a statement. “Innovation is who we are at Aripack, and we believe in providing our customers with options, especially when it comes to the environment. The key is creating practical solutions that add value without disruption, and we believe NEO is that solution.”  

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