Plastic feedstock in synthetic crude oil out Photo courtesy of Agilyx

Plastic feedstock in, synthetic crude oil out. Photo courtesy of Agilyx.

American Chemistry Council Forms Group to Promote Plastics to Oil-Based Goods

The American Chemistry Council (ACC) has formed a new group within its Plastics Division to promote the conversion of non-recycled plastics into petroleum-based products.

The new Plastics-to-Oil Technologies Alliance will work to increase awareness of the benefits of plastics-to-oil technologies, enhance the industry’s voice through expanded membership and demonstrate broad support for plastics-to-oil technologies through an expanding network of allies, the Washington-based ACC said in a news release.

The group’s founding members include Agilyx Corp. (Beaverton, Ore.); Cynar PLC (London) and RES Polyflow (Akron, Ohio). Membership is open to organizations that develop and implement technologies to convert non-recycled plastics into petroleum and petroleum-based products.

“Plastics-to-oil technologies are a promising solution for repurposing used plastics that would otherwise end up in a landfill,” said Jon Angin, vice president of business development at Agilyx and chairman of the alliance.

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