PFAS Exposure Factsheet Explores Consumer Use

Vermont Senator Sanders Introduces PFAS Act

With more than 9,000 chemicals meeting the classification of  per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), it is important to know the science behind the levels in the environment as well as exposure risks.

The "PFAS Exposure Pathway Factsheet" explores the three pathways in which humans can come into contact with these chemicals: inhalation, ingestion and dermal.

Consumer products containing PFAS have anti-stick, stain-repellent and waterproof properties that make them attractive for daily use. PFAS is found in food packaging, cosmetics, clothing, cookware, furniture, and carpeting. While there are four processes that go into the complete lifecycle of those products -production, PFAS production, product manufacturing, product use, and waste management - human exposure often occurs during the product use phase.

Exposure varies from person to person. However, the quantification of this exposure has not fully been studied.

Learn more about PFAS Exposure in the factsheet here.

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