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Report Analyzes China’s New Recovered Paper Policies and Markets

NPC Partners' report looks at future scenarios regarding China’s recycled fiber and virgin fiber consumption and trade.

Moore & Associates, a paper recycling consulting firm based in Atlanta, announced that a new report from Hong Kong-based NPC Partners, a consultancy for the pulp and paper industry, is now available in the U.S. and Europe through Moore & Associates. The report, “2019 China Recycled Paper Market & Policy Advisory Report,” looks at future scenarios regarding China’s recycled fiber and virgin fiber consumption and trade.

Since 2017, China’s State Council has gradually rolled out strategies to reduce imports of recyclable materials, and in June 2018, it announced the goal of achieving zero solid waste imports by 2020. The repercussions have been felt in all sectors of the recycling industry around the globe and particularly the recovered paper (RCP) market.

The result of extensive analysis and interviewing, NPC’s new report on RCP markets inside China provides new information on the following topics:

  • Review of China’s solid waste management reform and environmental inspections.
  • Insights on new regulations—2018 through 2023—and future impacts for RCP markets.
  • Policymaker perspectives, both top-level decision makers and implementation managers.
  • RCP demand and supply both within China and from imports.
  • RCP price trends—domestic versus imports.
  • Review of China’s paper industry performance in 2017-18, new trends and capacity expansions.
  • Future scenarios for the global supply chain and China’s recycled and virgin fiber needs.
  • Risk assessment modeling for RCP supply under different trade policy scenarios.
  • Quantitative scenarios cover domestic and imported pulp and RCP, imported recovered pulp, domestic and imported non-wood pulp and imported paper and board.

NPC Partners is a global consultancy with a network of specialists based in Beijing, Hong Kong, Atlanta and Shanghai, China. NPC Partners helps the pulp and paper industry develop solutions based on innovative strategies and new market insights. NPC Partners also offers new approaches to analysis and out-of-box solutions that support growth and innovation, helping pulp and paper organizations remain competitive and achieve goals in fast-changing global markets. 

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