Partnership Targets Carton Recycling Awareness

Partnership Targets Carton Recycling Awareness

The Carton Council is partnering with Earth911 Inc. to increase carton recycling.

Scottsdale, Ariz.-based Earth911, a recycling information organization, established a new section on specifically to address carton recycling. Earth911 and the Vernon Hills, Ill-based Carton Council will develop stories with facts, tips and ideas to increase knowledge about carton recycling, the organizations said in a news release.  The Carton Council promotes the recycling of aseptic and gable-top liquid cartons.

“As carton recycling opportunities have become more prevalent throughout the U.S., we saw the need to establish reliable information on how consumers can participate in this growing stream,” said Raquel Fagan, vice president of media for Earth911. “We are excited to launch this new resource with a group that is so dedicated to ensuring this packaging does not go to waste.”

 “Not only is the Carton Council working to establish wider access to carton recycling,” said Ed Klein, executive director of the Carton Council, “but we want to make sure that the people who do have access know that they can recycle these materials and how to do that properly. With our relationship, they can read about, find and utilize their local recycling opportunities easier than before.”


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